Placid Money is now Gauss Money!

Gauss is the last name of one the most famous mathematicians in human history Carl Gauss, a genius, who is often called the “King of mathematics”. Here’s what Wikipedia knows about him.

Have we become smarter by changing the name? We’d certainly hope so. But the real reason for rebranding is to reflect our core values better. It feels right, because we're becoming more than a no-hassle credit card manager - we're making banking and wealth building more beneficial and fairer with smart tools like balance transfers, rewards for paying cards, high APY accounts, automated ETF investments, and many more.

A famous anecdote about Gauss describes how in his earliest school years he found a way to sum numbers 1 through 100 in just a few seconds, noticing that 1+99 = 2+98 = ... = 49+51 = 100.
Helping our customers easily use efficient solutions to complex financial needs is our mission's core.

Another famous insight Gauss had was about how nature distributes various physical properties, or what nature considers efficient and fair. That bell-shaped distribution he discovered is now called Gaussian. Its left part is on our new logo, representing an aspiration to help customers move onwards and upwards financially in the most efficient way.

Gauss is on a mission to make banking more beneficial to people.
Many more interesting facts and stories about Gauss and his work resonate with our view on how financial services should evolve. We’ll be sharing them with you from time to time and hope you’ll tune in and enjoy them.

We also hope that it will feel good to have a “personal genius” in your pocket that takes care of many hard-things-finance and is 1,000% committed to be on your side!

Team Gauss
MAY, 31 / 2022
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