Total Card Manager
16% APR* on any credit card. Rewards for paying card bills. No fees.

Get the most
out of credit cards

Pay off cards easily

Pay off any credit card balance using your low interest credit line from Gauss, both on-demand and automatically. Your cards get lower APR, and you save money on interest charges and pay off balances faster. Keep using your cards and watch your savings go up. No fees!

No Monthly Fees.
No Late Fees.
No Transfer Fees.

Autopay all your credit card bills from a single app. Easily pay above required minimums to pay off balances faster. Prevent late fees and overdraft fees!

Autopay at no cost

Lower Card Bills.
Unlock Your Cash.
Pay Off Faster.

Chat with an Ai-powered personal finance assistant to make the perfect decision with your money, every time. Unlock professional and personalized advice for a fraction of the cost of an advisor.

Personalized financial advice in your pocket

Earn Gauss reward points every time you repay on time. Use points to reduce APRs, increase credit limit, get access to premium products and prizes! †

Get payoff rewards

Auto transfer balances from your cards to Gauss low interest credit line. Lower average credit limit utilization and boost credit score! ††

Improve Credit Score

Easily learn what it takes to pay off your current balances and see how Gauss can help you pay off faster if you move balances off expensive cards to a low APR Gauss Line. Start with a simple web calculator, then connect your cards to build a personlized plan.

Build a pay off plan

2% returns on your cash. Boost the earnings with timely credit card payments.

Earn up to 10% returns

Auto invest into diversified ETFs from you card bills without stretching your budget. The more you invest, the lower is your APR with Gauss. Build wealth and break out of debt for good.

Invest when paying off cards

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Coming soon

How it works

Connect credit cards via Plaid
Run a soft credit check
Pay off the cards from a low APR Gauss Credit Line
Keep using the cards and repay the line once a month
New balances can be moved to the line automatically.
Earn rewards and better credit terms over time.
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* Gauss credit line APR, which is the same as interest rate, is 14%-18%, depending on a number of factors, including credit profile. The rate is variable with prime rate. The majority of credit cards are eligible for the balance transfer if a credit line is approved.

For example, if user's APR is 24%, total balance is $10,000 and fixed monthly payments are $300, user's interest expense until full payoff would be $6,644 vs. $2,737 with Gauss. Use Gauss payoff calculator to estimate debt-free dates for a different case.

† We top up your rewards account with coins every time you pay your Gauss Bill on time. You can use your rewards freely at any time, including using them to reduce your balance with Gauss.

†† Credit score stability/improvement is not guaranteed. Credit scores are independently determined by credit bureaus, and on-time payment history is only one of many factors that such bureaus consider. Your credit score may be negatively impacted by other financial decisions you make, or by activities or services you engage in with other financial services organizations.

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